Reverse circulation (RC) drilling uses a bit attached to a down-hole hammer to produce a hole. Unlike diamond drilling, RC drilling produces samples of rock cuttings rather than a sample of rock core. The down-hole hammer is powered by compressed air, which also acts as the medium bringing the drill cuttings up to surface. It is mainly used in deep hole exploration and mining ore grade control.

We can provide genuine and OEM RC Hammers and Bits. Our OEM RC Hammers are specified with the following features:


  • Excellent wear resistance and high penetration rate.

  • Sample tube is made of integral steel bar with carburized treatment offer good wear resistance.

  • Various selection for bit head shape and button shape.

  • Various selection for hammer from OD92mm to 132mm.

  • RC button bit can fit genuine brands bit shank.

Our OEM RC Model List:


Our OEM RC Bits are specified with the following features:


  • Using higher grade carbides for longer life

  • Minimizes hole erosion in fragile formations

  • Drills faster through soft formations with less blockages

  • Drills straighter through consolidated and unconsolidated formations