Production Instead of Rod Handling

Our ambition is to provide products to improve our customers cost effiency. Each meter we prolong the core production instead of wasting time and money on rod handling, is added value for the customer. Our unique diamond bits are characterized by:

  • Extremely long life

  • Wide range of rock formations

  • High penetration rate.

Impregnated bits



Impregnated diamond drill bits are designed to perform as grinders. Diamonds are embedded in an infiltred or sintered matrix. The matrix erodes away at the same rate as the diamonds become worn and rounded. Thus new sharp diamonds are exposed to continue cutting through the rock. The combination of diamonds and matrix determine the performance of an impregnated bit. The simultaneous erosion of the matrix and the diamonds makes the bit self sharpening. The ideal combination of optimal penetration rate and wear resistance matched to achieve the ultimate in drilling economy. In most geological formations, impregnated bits are more economical to use than surface set bits as they provide additional benefits:

  • Greater resistance to wear in most formations, particularly in fissured and fractured formations.

  • Less sensitive to abuse, rough handling and improper use.

Diamonds Only synthetic diamonds, except for gauge stones, are used in the manufacture of our impregnated bits. The constancy of shape, granular size, and strength make synthetic diamonds better than natural stones.

The diamonds are carefully selected by quality and size for the application. Through advanced manufacturing technology an extensive range of drilling requirements can be satisfied. Continuous control of the processes at each step in the manufacturing ensures that all bits are of identical quality. This consistent high quality means more drill metres per bit


Crown Height

Crown height Standard impregnated drill bits are available with different matrix heights:

  • Low (2):6.5 mm, Conventional bits

  • Standard (3):9.5 mm, Conventional bits and WL bits

  • Extra high (4):12.5 mm, Wire line bits

  • Super (5):16.0 mm, Wire line bits

Low and standard height is used for conventional bits where bit life does not effect the number of round trips and when large wear of the bit diameter is anticipated (meaning that extra high matrix cannot be fully utilized). For wire line bits, Extra or Super matrix height is generally recommended


Surface Set Bits

Our surface set bits are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry for the ultimate in drilling performance.

Our surface set bits have proven to have a high penetration rate, long service life, and best adaptability to changing formations.

The patterns vary according to the size of the stones used. The patterns are important for the service life and penetration rate of the bit.

The diamonds used are imbedded in a hard matrix with high resistance to erosion.



Surface set bits are manufactured using a universal hard type of matrix for all formations.



Surface set drill bits are available in different profiles to obtain optimal drilling performance. Standard profiles for surface set core bits:

  • Semi-round

  • Multi-step

  • Two wide step (face discharge)

  • Surface set

  • Non-coring bits with concave profile.


Shells and Casing


Reaming shells

Reaming shells are placed behind the drill bit on the core barrel to maintain the correct hole diameter and stabilize the core barrel.

A reaming shell has to be replaced when its diameter becomes less than the diameter of the new bit. In this way only the very last part of the hole has to be reamed when a new bit is inserted. A reaming shell also helps to stabilize the core barrel. Reaming shells are available for all types of core barrels and drill bits.


Reaming shells are available in different designs:

  • 10" Double ring reaming shell available only for BQ, NQ, HQ (need inner tube adjustment).

  • FH special heavy duty design for long life with extra stabilization.

  • STD (Standard design).

Casing shoes

Casing shoes have cutting segments on the front and exterior, while the interior is smooth. The inner diameter of the casing shoe is sufficiently large to permit free passage of drill bits and core barrels in corresponding sizes.


We are the exclusive authorized distributor of MBI Global in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Egypt

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